My Year Among the Lawyers

I recently began at the Georgetown University Law Center, although thankfully not as a law student. I’m serving as the first staff technologist at the Center on Privacy and Technology (that is to say, I’m the “Technology”). Suffice it to say that, in just over two weeks of employment so far, I’ve been experiencing a fair amount of culture shock. From the suits and ties to the arcane incentives of the legal publication process, I have plenty of commentary as an outsider peering into legal academia. Over the next few months, I intend to use this blog to document these experiences, which I hope will serve as a useful record of my time at Georgetown. I’d also like this blog to serve as a forum for discussing ways to bridge the linguistic and intellectual barriers separating law and computer science. The two disciplines certainly share significant concerns in common, but it’s abundantly clear that very few people fluently speak both languages (and that those who can’t but try anyway end up creating more problems than they solve). I’ll also intersperse some technical and legal musings related to my research where appropriate.