I’m currently a second-year PhD student in computer science at MIT, where I research topics in machine learning, cryptography, and policy.

2017: Intern Fully Homomorphic Encryption Google
2016: Professor Adjunct Professor of Law Georgetown University Law Center
2015-16: Fellow Staff Technologist, Center on Privacy and Technology Georgetown University Law Center
2015: TA Teaching Assistant, General Computer Science (COS126) Princeton University
2014: TA Teaching Assistant, Information Security (COS432) Princeton University
2014: Intern Encryption Key Management Infrastructure Google
2013: Intern Project Siena (Pre-Beta) Compiler Team Microsoft
2012: Intern Automated Test and Retest Innovative Defense Technologies
Papers, Press, & Publications
  • Textbook: Computer Programming for Lawyers (with Paul Ohm)
  • Law Review Article: Desirable Inefficiency (with Paul Ohm)
  • Interview with NPR: Researchers Find Flaws in Police Facial Recognition Technology [interview]
  • Report: The Perpetual Lineup: Unregulated Police Face Recognition in America [report]
  • Washington Post article about my class: Government Lawyers Don’t Understand the Internet [article]
  • The Atlantic: How Russia’s New Facial Recognition App Could End Online Anonymity [article]
  • The Atlantic: Facial-Recognition Software Might Have a Racial Bias Problem [article]
  • POPL ’16: Example-Directed Synthesis: A Type-Theoretic Interpretation [pdf | github | artifact | talk]
  • MSE Thesis: Type-Directed Synthesis of Products [pdf | arxiv]
  • BSE Thesis: Programming Recursive Software-Defined Networks [pdf]
  • Course Project: Why King George III Can Encrypt [pdf | blog post]
2016-: PhD Computer Science  |  Security & Privacy MIT
2014-15: MSE Computer Science  |  Programming Languages Princeton University
2011-14: BSE Computer Science   Princeton University